This is what happens when I forget to ask Jed to take a picture.

I can’t believe we are really almost there.  From here on out I’ll do weekly updates until our sweet girl arrives.  Because we are trying for a VBAC and lots of people have lots of questions about what that entails, we’ll be live tweeting as much as we can during the birth.  You can follow along on Twitter or on the Bare Feet on the Dashboard Facebook page for those updates when labor begins.  You can read my other pregnancy 2.0 updates here, and read all my pregnancy posts here. This sweet baby could come any day now, and we are so ready to meet her.

38 Weeks Update
Feeling: like a manatee – wishing I could float all day
Wearing: Muumuus, basically. And sandals.  There is a reason that ladies used to go into “confinement” those last weeks of pregnancy.  It ain’t pretty.  
Weight Gain: not telling, but significantly less than last time
Pregnancy Side Effects: waking up 18 times each night to pee, lots of Braxton Hicks contractions
Progression: My cervix is 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced and in the mid position.
Craving: nothing really
Baby:  Weighs about 7 pounds and is fattening up for birth.  She has moved down into a -3 station.
Gender: Girl!  (We sure hope that ultrasound was right or we’ll have a lot of pink stuff going to waste.)
Name: We still haven’t decided and are open to suggestions.  
Nursery: I have a sweet little set up for her in our room with our bassinet, cloth diapers, clothes, and hair accessories, decorated with a banner made by a friend. 
Preparations: The bag is packed.  Our on call people for Bear are ready. I want to freeze a few more meals this week.  I’m heading to the chiropractor for an adjustment to help baby girl get into a good position.  We are trying for a VBAC.  
To-Do List: freeze more meals, bounce on the birth ball, make more headbands and bows, practice relaxation techniques for labor

What’s on your to-do list?

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! See what happens when I don’t visit enough…another baby is almost here. I’m so excited for you! Hope everything goes well and I will stop by more often=0)


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