Do you have a Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie yet?

Nope, me either.

Our gift budget is tight right now and I am the queen of procrastinators.  There are a million things I’d love to buy for Jed, but unfortunately they all cost money.  The Cirque du Soleil tickets I’d really love to get him are WAY over our budget.  He doesn’t really care about Valentine’s Day, but I want him to feel loved.  I’ve rounded up a few fun ideas for last minute Valentine’s Day gifts from blogger friends to share with you with permission from the creators.  Feel free to pin this post for the round up but always pin individual projects from their blog of origin through the links below.  I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love.  Check out my frugal date night ideas here for a little more V-day inspiration.


1) Valentine’s Day Trail Mix from Thrifty Jinxy – A mason jar, free printable labels, and an easy yummy snack mix recipe make for a quick, cute, and practical gift for anyone.


2) Free Printable Love Coupons from All Those Things I Love – The oldest trick in the procastinating gift giver’s book, these free printable Love Coupons will make your loved ones feel special without costing you a dime.

Must-Make Valentine's Day

3) Must Make Valentine’s Recipes Tested from Mama Challenge – Autumn at Mama Challenge took all the guest work out of some amazing Pinterest recipes and broke it down for us.  Bacon bouquets, heart shaped cinnamon rolls, and mini apple pies (with a bonus free printable) are all explained simply and easily so you can make it yourself.

4) DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Bouquet from Grocery Shop For Free – This is such a fun and easy idea.  Create a bouquet of your loved one’s favorite treats and use a dollar store bucket and mini chalkboard to jazz it up.  Head over to Grocery Shop for Free for all the details. 

What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received?

21 Comments on Easy Last Minute Frugal Valentine’s Day Gifts

  1. Love these ideas! My husband and I don’t exchange gifts because we feel like Valentine’s is a commercialized thing (and we’ve been married a long time). But I love these simple ideas that are just expressions of love and caring! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My husband and I haven’t done anything for Valentine’s Day since our first disastrous one back when we first started dating, but these are some cute ideas! My mom used to get my cute little presents–I still have some socks she has given me in years past that I actually really like.

  3. I’m not sure what the best gift I’ve gotten is. We don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day. I usually get a little thing of chocolates and I think that’s perfect.

    This year I saw some cheap Valentine’s Day lottery tickets at the grocery store for less than $2, so I picked them up as a fun little gift for my husband. I bet he will love them!

  4. That bread looks really, really yummy! When I was young my grandma always got each of my siblings and I one of those heart shaped chocolate boxes. Those were my favorite. 🙂

  5. Cute “on the cheap” ideas! When you’re old married people like us, you don’t do too much in the gift giving area anymore. We usually exchange cards. But I like to get him a little something, so I usually go with some type of candy. I think the dollar store idea is cute too–with their favorite treats. i didn’t even get the card yet, so I better hurry up!

  6. We’re having a Valentines Day celebration this weekend that is going to involve mostly me cooking. I’ll have to check out those Pinterest tested recipes!

  7. Love these great ideas! Especially the heart in the bread! I think the best Valentine’s Day gift I have received was a homemade dessert made by my lovely husband – Hot Chocolate Souffles! I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out, and we made it a night in. It’s the quality time spent together – not the money spent – that counts!

    Thanks for sharing! #SITSBlogging

  8. Wonderful ideas. I will have to tuck them away for next year. Especially the heart pound cake, though now I am thinking I could do a shamrock or a bunny head or…

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