L is for Light Free Printable Activity Guide ABC

We are a few months in to our home preschool adventure, and loving our letter of the week learning. I’ve joined 30 other bloggers for 31 Days of ABC hosted by All Done Monkey, with daily alphabet learning activities for each letter and much more. Today I’m sharing fun activities for the letter L and the word Light. We had a blast creating a DIY lightbox and exploring the letter L.

L is for Light DIY lightbox activities

We used a clear storage tub and a string of white Christmas lights to create a simple DIY lightbox. You can find full directions for the DIY light box from Sugar Aunts here. The kids were blown away by the lightbox. Seriously, if you want to entertain an 18 month old and 3 year old for a solid hour throw some lights in a tub and watch the magic happen.

Just make sure you are supervising with cords and electricity involved. Also watch for the lights to heat up.

L is for Light ABC activities

I created a fun L is for Light printable for the kids to color on top of the lightbox. You can print it out for your kids here. I printed one for each child and asked them to color in the lights. We talked about how the light came through the paper and the dark portions of the letter blocked it. We gathered all the letter Ls from around the house (magnets) and played with them on the lightbox. The Pearl Girl found our dinosaur calm down jar and put it on the lightbox as well to see how it looked. Send your kids on a scavenger hunt around the house to find things that might look cool or different on the lightbox.

L is for Light printable

After we were done coloring, I brought in the Stackadoos (fun bristle blocks) and encouraged Bear to build on the lightbox. This was a huge hit. After building a few towers, I challenged him to use the blocks to create a big letter L. He used the smaller letters as a guide, and created the big L below.

L is for Light fun with a DIY lightbox

Our L is for Light lesson ended up being a total win and one of our favorite preschool days. We will definitely bring out the lightbox for more fun throughout the year.

L is for Light Activities 31 Days of ABC

Other fun L is for Light ideas:                                                                                               Gather flashlights and take them in to a room that gets really dark (no windows). Turn on the flashlights and turn out the lights. Let your kids go crazy flashing the lights around. I’ve found this is one of those activities that can snap even the crankiest kid out of a bad mood.

Here are 5 more L is for Light activities (with a holiday theme) from Teaching Mama.

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