Ten Fun Family DIY Halloween CostumesWe love to dress up for Halloween with a family theme every year.  Dressing as a family unit makes for fun photos and precious memories. I’ve gathered my top ten favorite family Halloween costume ideas to share with you. They all include a little DIY on your part, but are all super easy to throw together. Several are ideas we’ve done as a family, while others I’ve gathered from awesome creative bloggers. For fun ideas to get help you get more use out of your Halloween costumes you can read more about how we encourage pretend play and throw costume dance parties. Read on and find inspiration for your family this Halloween.

1) Football Themed Family Costumes – This one is super easy, can accomodate families of any size, and could be easily switched to a different sport. Mom and Dad play the coach and referee, while the kids dress up as football players, cheerleaders, and even the football.

2) The Three Bears + Goldilocks –  We dressed up as the three Bears before we had our Goldilocks, and it was fun and easy to do. We wore brown and black, and I made ears for Jed and I. Our son wore a bear hat and I pinned a tail on his pants. We drew on noses with washable marker. Easy peasy.

3) Farm Theme or Old MacDonald – Dress the kids as farm animals, throw some overalls on the parents, and you’ve got a super cute farm Halloween ensemble. We were going to do this one this year, but our daughter HATED her chicken costume. Oh well.

4)  Once Upon a Time Fairytale Family – Our son wanted to dress as a dragon this year, so our daughter will be a princess, I’ll be the queen, and my husband will either be a knight or a prince. We bought a dragon costume at a consignment sale, and I’m making the rest. I’ll share it all once I’m finished.

5) The Muppets – This is another theme that can really accomodate families or groups of any size. Meaningful Mama has a great tutorial and example. She dressed her family as Beaker, Dr. Bunson, Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, and Animal. Too cute!

6) Candyland – Another fabulous idea from Meaningful Mama, this theme plays off the classic board game and is seriously creative and cute. Check out her post for more details as well as many more ideas from her. Homegirl gets an A+ on Halloween.

7) The Princess Bride – A theme from one of my favorite movies of all time, I dream of doing this one when the kids are older. Jilly from Hi! It’s Jilly dressed her family as Vizzini, Valerie, Princess Buttercup, Inigo Montoya, and The Dread Pirate Roberts. I call that over the top awesomeness.

8) Mr. Rogers and his Neighborhood Friends – If you love retro tv shows and cardigan sweaters (who doesn’t?) this theme is a total winner. The family at Embracing Beauty dressed up as Mr. Rogers, Lady Aberlin, and Mr. McFeely. You could easily add more characters for more family members.

9) Curious George and Friends – We are big fans of Curious George around our house, so this theme is a total winner. The Chirping Moms have a tutorial for George and the Man with the Yellow Hat, but you could also add in a banana costume, Hundley, the doorman, and lots of other fun friends.

10) Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf – I thought about doing this one this year, but am saving it for later. Family members can dress as Little Red and the Wolf, as well as Grandma and the Woodsman. If you have a big family, throw in the three little pigs to go with your big bad wolf.

top ten halloween ideas for kids and families

Will your family be dressing up in themed DIY Halloween costumes this year? Share your ideas with me in the comments section or on my Facebook page.

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