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DIY Fall Felt Leaf Headbands Tutorial Easy Mother Daughter Fall Fashion #GoodyGorgeous #Pmedia #ad

My sweet girl officially has hair long enough to style, and it is a daily challenge for this mama. She may look cute and innocent, but my little peanut turns in to a MMA fighter when I try to style her hair. Thankfully I’ve learned a few tricks that are making it easier on both of us. Sorting out her tangles with the Goody TangleFix brush and then throwing on a cute headband is our new daily hair routine. I created a fun fall felt leaf headband for a mother/daughter style that is easy to throw together. Read on for the full tutorial and more of our toddler hair tips.

fall felt leaf headbands #goodygorgeous #pmedia #ad

Gather up felt scraps in fun fall colors. I used 10 different colors of felt. I am a serious felt collector, as you can see below. Please don’t report me to Hoarders. If you don’t have a crazy felt collection, just pick 3-5 fall colors at the craft store and repeat the pattern. Felt is cheap and only need a bit to make these headbands. You will also need an embroidery needle, embroidery floss in a contrasting fall color, and good scissors.

Felt Scraps for DIY Headband #pmedia #goodygorgeous #ad

For the headband itself you have a few options. I used an elastic headband in brown that fits the Pearl Girl. I was planning to use a plain brown headband for myself but ended up substituting a brown grosgrain ribbon instead. You do what you are most comfortable with. If you use a hard headband, you will also need fabric glue.

toddler felt leaf headband for fall #goodygorgeous #pmedia #ad

Play around with leaf shapes until you find one you like. I used a teardrop shape about an inch wide and 2 inches long. I cut 2 of each color since I was working with 10 colors, one for each headband. You will need 10 leaves for each headband total.

Fall Felt Leaf Mother Daughter Headband Tutorial #goodygorgeous #pmedia #ad

Line up your leaves in the order you want them to go. Then take your embroidery floss and lay it out next to your line of leaves. Add a bit of extra for slack and knotting, then cut your length of floss.

Pull off 3 strands of your length of floss and lay them aside. You will use them for the second headband. Using half the strands for each headband will make the floss much easier to work with.

Thread your needle and tie off the end of the floss. Stitch through each leaf using a simple straight stitch. Once you are halfway through the first leaf, add the second one on behind it and continue stitching. This will create a uniform line down the middle and attach the line of leaves to each other. Once you are done sewing through the line of leaves, be sure to knot the ends to secure them.

With the baby headband, I sewed the leaves directly on to the headband while I was stitching them together. For mine, I attached them together and then stitched them to the headband. I think the first method is easier, but do whichever you prefer. You can also attach the line of leaves with fabric glue.

mother daughter fall felt leaf headbands #goodygorgeous #pmedia #ad

I’m learning the more I play with the Pearl Girl’s hair, the more she gets used to me messing with it. We brush it throughout the day to help get her accustomed to it. I let her use the TangleFix brush on her own hair, and she loves brushing it.

Toddler Mulltitasking - Brushing and Rocking
Toddler Mulltitasking – Brushing and Rocking

Using a headband is a great easy style for girls of all ages, and is pretty stress free. If you want to attempt a more complicated style on your toddler, try sitting her in her high chair while you do it. Give her something to occupy her hands and distract her. If all else fails, turn on Anna and Elsa and let them distract her with their singing for a few minutes. Works every time.

Tips for Quick Hair Styling for Moms and Daughters #goodygorgeous #pmedia #ad

We’ve been using the Goody Quikstyle paddle brush to dry the kids hair quickly after baths as well as to help me style my hair lightning fast (when I actually have time to wash it). Did you know it helps hair dry 30% faster? The TangleFix has been a lifesaver fighting stubborn toddler hair tangles. Both kids love to use it on their own and the smaller end is perfect for little hands to learn to brush. We bought both brushes at Walgreens at a great deal. Use your Walgreens Balance Rewards card to get all Goody products (includeing the TangleFix & Quikstyle brushes) Buy One, Get One FREE while supplies last from September 28-November 1, 2014.

mother daughter felt leaf headbands for fall fashion #goodygorgeous #pmedia #ad

For genius hair styling tips and tutorials, be sure to check out Goody on Tumblr. The Top Notch, Lo-Po, and ‘Fraid Knot looks they feature would be perfect paired with the grown up version of my fall felt leaf headband. Follow Goody on social media for more tips and great styling products: Goody on FacebookGoody on PinterestGoody on Twitter.

DIY Mother Daughter Felt Leaf Headbands for Fall #GoodyGorgeous #Pmedia #ad

What is your favorite fall hair style? Have any toddler hair tips to share? I’d love to hear about it the comments section below.

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