God Makes a Way Moses and the Red Sea - A Preschool Water Experiment to Teach the Power of God through the Jesus Storybook BibleThis week we read the Jesus Storybook Bible version of Moses parting the Red Sea during our home preschool, and got the kids involved in a little water experiment to help bring the story to life. Our Moses and the Red Sea preschool activity is part of the Jesus Storybook Bible Activity Series. Kid Blogger Network writers are sharing a different interactive activity to go with each story and you can find them all here.

Preschool Water Moving Experiment

We love using the Jesus Storybook Bible to bring God’s Word to life in our home. You can read more about Simple Ways to Bring Jesus in to Your Child’s Daily Routine here. We read the story together and talked about how God used Moses to part the Red Sea so the Israelite people could pass through and escape from Pharaoh’s army. We talked about how big the sea is and how much power it would take for God to able to do such a big miracle. I asked the kids if they thought they could do it, and they said no way.

Jesus Storybook Bible Activity - Moses and the Red SeaWe decided to try with just a pan of water and straws. I demonstrated for them once, blowing as hard as I could to part the water. They were ready to try, and went for it. The Bear tried everything he could with multiple straws, different blowing techniques, and changing angles, but he could barely get the water to part. The Pearl Girl was just happy to blow and stir the water. I could get it to part for about 2 inches when I tried really hard. We talked about how powerful God is and how He used His power to save Israel. We talked about how if God is big enough to do part the Red Sea, He is certainly big enough to lead us and protect us.

God Makes a Way Moses and the Red Sea ~ A Preschool Water Experiment to Teach About the Power of GodHow do you bring the bible to life for your kids? Read more great activities using the Jesus Storybook Bible here.

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  1. I am using this book for my Sunday School class. For this story we’ll be making blue playdough and “parting the sea” with our fingers. 🙂

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