To kick off the summer I’m celebrating Backyard Games Week with a group of fabulous bloggers and sharing our ideas for playing fun games outside with your kids. We love to spend time outside playing our yard, and as soon as it is warm enough we break out two little inflatable kiddie pools. Most of the time the kids splash around and create their own fun, but occasionally I add a game in to the mix to keep them entertained longer. Mama needs time to drink her coffee, right? All of my game ideas are simple and geared towards the 0-3 crowd.


1) Ball Swim

Toss a bunch of play balls in to the pool and let them throw them around, splash through them, and kick them. Sometimes we fill both pools completely with play balls, while other times we just throw in a few. After they’ve thrown them all around, time them to see how fast they get all of the balls back in the pool or basket. We store our’s in a laundry basket. You can find play balls on Amazon or at kid’s consignment sales like we did. In the winter you can fill the dry kiddie pool with them for even more fun.

2) Obstacle Course

Set up an easy obstacle course around your backyard using objects you already have and incorporate the kiddie pool as an obstacle or the finish line. This is a great opportunity to teach spacial relationships and directions. Example: Go around the tree, under the swing, over the rock, and down the slide in to the pool. Time your kids and turn it in to a race. The Bear LOVES racing around obstacle courses. We even do this one in the house during the winter, minus the kiddie pool.

3) Slide Time

Set up a plastic slide going in to your kiddie pool, and let your kids send themselves and tons of other fun stuff down the slide. Big splashes make for big fun. We send trucks, dinosaurs, balls, and the kids down the slide in to the pool so many times a day. I’m pretty sure both my kids could do this game for hours.

4) Gone Fishing

Set up a fishing tournament right in your kiddie pool. We haven’t tried this one yet, but it is on my summer to do list. I found some great ideas for DIY fishing games from Glittering Muffins and Artsy Momma, or you can buy one here.

5) Buckets O’ Fun

Grab a few sand buckets and a couple of cups, and let your child go crazy pouring water from one to the other. They will catch on instantly and be amazingly entertained with pouring and sifting. So simple, but they love it and are learning at the same time.



Did you notice the kids’ swimsuits? They are both from SwimZip, a really cool company you probably saw on Shark Tank. I love the zip up rash guards with UPF 50 sun protection, and the two piece outfits for quick diaper changes and potty stops. No more wrestling kids out of wet swimwear! I’ll share a full review soon.


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What is your family’s favorite game to play outside?


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