Simple Fall Felt Leaf Wreath Tutorial with felt and burlap

My old faithful burlap interchangeable wreath is back in business for the fall. I created a strand of colorful fall leaves from felt scraps and added a wool letter to make a simple fall leaf wreath for our front door. Who knew a pool noodle covered in burlap could be so useful? Here is the super cute Easter version of my burlap interchangeable wreath, a summer version with pinwheels, and a 4th of July version with fun tulle fireworks. If you love to change out decorations every season, a burlap wreath is the way to go. As you’ll see below, it is super easy to change it up often.

Simple Fall Wreath with Felt and Burlap

I cannot take credit for the super cute wool letter E. I bought it at a local baby store that is no longer in existence, sadly. I’m betting you could find a similar one on Etsy, or make it yourself.

For the garland, I cut out 5-7 leaf shapes of each color felt (and a few of burlap), lined them up and stitched through them with embroidery floss. It is super easy and will take approximately one episode of Downton Abbey to finish the garland for the wreath as well as one for your mantle and extra to put someplace fun. To get the length just right, stretch your floss across the way you want it to lay then add a few extra inches.

fall burlap wreath tutorial

To attach everything to the wreath, I use straight pins with pearl heads to keep them in place. This is the secret to switching out your seasonal wreath decorations. No glue, just pins. They don’t show, and I won’t tell.

To hang the wreath I pinned a wide piece of red grosgrain ribbon to the top of the wreath. I switch it out seasonally as well.

Simple Fall Mantle Ideas

Here’s the extra fall leaf garland I whipped up for my mantle along with the burlap and chalkboard paint garland I made at MOPS. More is more, right?! I also created another leaf garland and hung it on the mirror in our entryway, but forgot to snap a pic. You will be amazed how far a few scraps of felt will go.

DIY Mother Daughter Felt Leaf Headbands for Fall #GoodyGorgeous #Pmedia #adMy fall leaf wreath and garlands even inspired matching mother daughter headbands for the Pearl Girl and me. You can find the tutorial for my fall felt leaf headbands here.

What is your favorite way to decorate for fall?


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